We offer a professional SEO audit service for small to meduim sized businesses in Manchester

The SEO audit service we offer is designed to pinpoint the weaknesses at your website and to provide you with the information you need to make improvements to the website to ensure it has the best chance of ranking in Google

What Is An SEO Audit

An SEO Audit is a health check for your website. It looks at the technical infrastructure of your website both off page and on-page elements to optimise Search Engine visibility, usability and conversion at the website.

What Are The Benifits Of An SEO Audit

  1. Learn about your competition and how to stay ahead of them.
  2. Know the current health of your website and issues that may impact your business’s online visibility in Google.
  3. Get a better understanding of the factors that could affect your website’s search engine ranking.
  4. Opportunity to review, identify and optimise your website for search engines and fix on-page issues.
  5. Review the websites speed and internal architecture
  6. Identify the most effective keywords for driving relevant traffic that converts for your website.
  7. Analyse keyword targeting and performance
  8. Find out if all your web pages can be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Website SEO Audit Service

The SEO audit we will perform at your website is designed to highlight on page and off page issues which may impact the websites ability to rank in Google. The report you will receive after we have successfully completed the audit will include the following key elements.

  1. Keyword analysis
  2. Competitor review and analysis
  3. Website technical analysis
  4. Page level review and analysis
  5. Content review and analysis
  6. User experience analysis
  7. Website link analysis

Based on the imformation included in the report you can implement the changes at your website to help it rank and perform better in the Google and Bing search engines.

Service Price

  1. The service costs only £299.00
  2. This is a fixed one time payment with no monthly payment fees
  3. You will receive a detailed report including recommendations to improve your site’s SEO.
  4. If you would like us to implement recommendations included in the report we can provide you with this service. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and we will be happy to provide you with a price to complete the work.

Service Requirements

  1. It will take 5 working business days once we have recieved payment and details from you to complete the work.
  2. We will require access to your Google web master tools account in order to complete the work.
  3. We may require access to specific parts of your website to complete the work.
  4. The price of £299.00 is for one website with 50 pages or less and excludes ecommerce websites.

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