Website Maintenance


The following items are included in the website support and management service.

  1. WordPress updated to ensure the website is using the latest, stable and secure version.
  2. Website themes and plug-ins are always updated to enesure you have the latest, stable versions running on your website.
  3. Website backups completed. Should anything go wrong with the website we will ensure the website can be recovered from a full backup.
  4. Full website security audit completed plus on-going security audits to keep the website safe a secure.
  5. A website firewall is setup and maintened by us for you to keep the website safe and secure from hackers and cyber criminals.
  6. cloudflare is setup and managed by us for you to ensure the website is both fast and secure behind the cloudflare infrastrucutre.
  7. We will publish new website pages or images at the website based on the information you provide to us.
  8. Website speed optimization completed to ensure the website loads as fast as possible.
  9. If you need advice on the best forum or a contact form to install at the website we will provide with the technical guidance you need and install it at your website for you.
  10. If you get a PHP or MYSQL website error we will fix it for you.
  11. If the website gets hacked by cyber criminals we will remove the malware and get your website back online.
  12. Need minor web design or website changes or maybe some help with adding social media buttons we can help you with this.

What Is Not Included

The following is not included in the website management service we offer and would be classed as a seperate project or you can purchase the service separately at the website.

  1. New web design or website
  2. Logo design
  3. Moving the website to a new hosting company.
  4. Server management or server security
  5. Website hosting
  6. Social media setup or account management.
  7. SEO audits or search engine optimziation.
  8. Install and setup of an e-commerce platform for WordPress.

Service Price

The website management service we offer costs £69.00 per month.