Social media = More Website Visitors, Customers & Sales

We offer a professional and affordable social media setup service for small to medium sized businesses in Manchester whereby of social media experts can setup the social media accounts for your business to help you get new customers and sales.

If you run a local business in Manchester it is essential you have a presence on the social media platforms including Facebook, twitter, pertest, LinkedIn and Instagram

Why Is Social Media Important For Your Business

  1. To get more website traffic, customers and sales.
  2. Build brand awareness about your business.
  3. Communicate and engage with new and existing customers
  4. Provide customers with updates, news, product discounts and offers
  5. Rank your website higher on Google search results. Google expects businesses to have social media accounts associated with the business before it can trust and rank the website in the search results.

Social Media Facts

The following social media facts may help you understand why it’s very important for your business to have a presence on social media.

  1. Facebook has 1.4 billion users.
  2. 47% of all Internet users are on Facebook
  3. 5 billion Facebook likes are generated every day
  4. Twitter has 284 million active users at last count
  5. Over 500 million tweets are made on Twitter every day.
  6. Instagram has 300 million users
  7. 70 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram every day
  8. Pinterest has over 100 million users
  9. Millions of pins are posted and save on Pinterest every day.

Social Media Service

The social media services we offer include the setup of the following social media accounts for your business.

  1. Facebook business page
  2. Twitter account
  3. Pinterest business page
  4. LinkedIn Business page
  5. All social media accounts will include your business or brand name
  6. Unique SEO friendly URL’s will be setup for all the social media accounts.
  7. A description about your business will be included in the social media accounts to ensure they have a uniformed branded image and message across all platforms.
  8. Details about your business including business address, contact telephone number, website address will be included within each social media account.
  9. Social media image work including design cover images, logos will be setup for each social media account.

service Price

  1. The social business setup service costs only £149.00
  2. The cost to design a new Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn cover images is £199.00
  3. This is a fixed one time payment with no monthly payment fees

Service Requirements

  1. It will take 3 working business days once we have recieved payment and details from you to complete the work.
  2. The social media account names and URLs will be confirmed with you before we set them up.
  3. You will be required to provide us with a brief description about your business to be included in each social media profile we setup.
  4. You will be required to provide us with the image and design work for the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn cover images.
  5. If you would like us to design cover images for you we can complete the work £199.00
  6. You will be required to provide us your business logo to be included across all social media accounts.
  7. If you would like us to create a unique logo for your business see the Logo design service we offer.
  8. Once we have setup the social media accounts for you you will recieve the login details for all the accounts which you can manage and update.

Social Media Setup Service